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ACNH 2.0 Update: ​How to unlock Harv's Island Shops?


Harv's Island Shops is a feature added in the ACNH2.0 update. Vendors who used to walk on your island can now change their mode of operation and sell their products at fixed locations on Harv's Island.

It has injected fresh blood into ACNH players. While expressing our joy, we need to learn more about Harv's Island Shops to help us better enjoy life on the island.

Although this is a happy thing, not all players can unlock Harv's Island Shops. Players and new players who have left ACNH for a long time and return to it may take a little effort to unlock Harv's Island Shops.

To unlock the store on Harv's Island, you must first have a 3-Star Island Rating. Upon completion, you will receive an email from Harv telling you that he wants to talk to you. Fly to his island from your airport and he will introduce you to Harv's Island Shopping Plaza.

3-Star Island Rating is also very simple. If you don't have so much energy to manage your island, then you can quickly Buy ACNH Items directly from ACItems and complete the island quickly.